Service Process

Machine design service

1.According to your demand of the product made by machine, we can provide you suggestion and design corresponding machine.

2.Or you can tell us what type or parameter machine you want, we can provide you different design for you to choice.

3.We can provide you custom design and making for some special accessory.

4.We can making the machine or accessory according to your design drawing.

Ordering process

1. According to your demand, we confirm the type and the price of the machine.

2. We negotiate the time of shipment, payment method, delivery method, and then sign the contract

3. After receiving the down payment, we begin to produce the machine

4. During the production, if there are any changes to the the machine, it is necessary to negotiate and communicate with each other in time.

5.We will finish the making of the machine according to the time signed in the contract

Machine production    

1.We will produce machines in strict accordance with the signed contract and machine configuration.        

2. The factory design department, workshop department, sheet metal department and assembly department strictly follow the production procedures and processes to produce machines.          

3. Follow up the production schedule timely, coordinate and feed back the production schedule to ensure  the machines are completed on time.

Machine testing

1.After the machine is completed, invite the customer to the factory to testing the machine

2.According to the customer's requirements, test the machine to produce the film that the customer is satisfied with.            

3. After the testing machine reaches the customer's satisfaction, we will arrange the shipment according to the transportation mode signed on the contract.

Product packaging

mechanical packaging, according to the size of the machine, loading situation, disassembly accessories, conventional packaging with wooden boxes, wrapping film, pallets, cartons, and bare.

Shipment process

1.When the machine is finished, we will invite our customer to the factory to test   the machine

2.We will confirm the shipment time and loading details with our customer,  and then contact the international logistics to arrange the shipment.

3.Before shipment, we will make the loading list of the machine containing the number of packages and weight.

4.Follow the loading of container. We will take pictures for every accessory when it's loaded, to check and make sure there is no omission based on the prepared list.

5.After the container has been loaded, we will make the shipping documents for you to check. If all the documents is ok,  we will issue the original or scanning copy  to you to clear the customs

After-sale service

1.After the machine arrives at your factory, if you need us to assist you to install and test the machine, we will confirm the time with you and arrange our engineer to your factory.

2.All the cost and engineer allowance arised for this installing is according to the terms of the contract.

3.If you have any problems in the process of using the machine, please contact us through the following contact information, we will assist you to solve the problem as soon as possible



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