Customized exclusive plastic mill, a good helper to create wealth

2019-10-11  3577

Plastic mills are widely used in plastics, rubber, chemical and other industries. It is the manufacturer to reduce the cost, the high-quality cutting tools are easy to replace, can be used repeatedly after grinding, saving money, plastic recycling, new grinding disc design, high output, strong wear resistance, life is twice that of ordinary grinding discs, if it is customized This is really a good helper to create wealth.

Some plastic mills also have inherent faults. Due to the unqualified material of the grinding roller or the improper brushing of the grinding roller, the magnetic metal of the processed flour exceeds the specified value, due to improper design of the motion parameters or the processing quality of the machine does not meet the requirements or assembly. The noise value caused by poor quality exceeds the specified value, excessive deformation, fracture, excessive wear, overheating of the bearing, looseness or failure of the fastener, bearing oil leakage, and sieve body due to strength, material, processing and assembly. Leakage powder, etc. are all essential faults.

At present, the Chinese economy is facing a period of growth rate shift, structural adjustment pain period, and the difficult period of the third period of the previous stimulus period digestive period is also in a new breakthrough period. Under the trend of informationization, chemicalization and high-tech, only the breakthrough of new technologies, new platforms, new models and new formats is the inevitable way to solve difficulties and achieve new development. As a plastic mill industry, in order to change the current status quo, we must also look for breakthroughs in the development of plastic mills.

The automatic MP series plastic grinding machine belongs to the series of grinding disc type plastic grinding machine. It has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption. It is used for grinding powder processing of polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, ABS and other materials. . With the newly designed special bearing, high speed is achieved; fully automatic, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting; the adjustment of grinding gap is simple, just adjust with the feeler gauge and adjusting bolt; reasonable design, small grinding cavity In the cross section, as soon as the material enters, it is caught and ground, and it is quickly removed, which avoids the temperature rise and decomposition of the material, resulting in higher yield.

During the use of the mill, there should be a fixed staff responsible for guarding. The staff must have a certain level of skill. Before the mill is installed, it is necessary to carry out technical training for the staff in the operation to understand the principle function of the mill and understand the operation. procedure. In order to make the mill work normally, the equipment maintenance and safety control rail system should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and necessary inspection tools and grease accessories. Therefore, it is often important that the knowledge and skills of the operators of the mill equipment are also long and short.

With the rapid development of society, custom plastic mills have become a trend, and custom plastic mills are also launched at the same time, which is a good opportunity. There are many types of custom plastic grinding machines, which are free to choose the right, tailored according to the consumer's own preferences, the size of the space occupied and the style of the overall plastic mill decoration, fully satisfying the consumer's personalization and Space requirements.

The style and material of the plastic mill in the general market are relatively simple and popular. After the manufacturer specially designed the plastic grinding machine, the target consumers are subdivided into individuals, and the corresponding designs are made according to the consumers' own preferences and requirements. The colors, styles and materials are very different from the traditional plastic mills. , full of personalization.