Plastic fuel? ! Amsterdam Port will provide plastic fuel for ships

2019-10-11  2760

It is reported that the project is developed by the Dutch company Bin2Barrel. The plant is expected to be put into operation by the end of this year, when the plastics processed will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 57,000 tons per year.

The new IGES Amsterdam plant began construction on June 15, 2018. The project is supported by the Dutch government, which has just added chemicals recycling to the national waste management plan.

The project aims to convert man-made materials that were previously unusable into recyclable resources while providing a more sustainable fuel option based on traditional transportation fuels. The ultimate goal is to achieve chemical recovery.

Bin2Barrel's plants have invested nearly 28 million euros and will convert 35,000 tons of plastic into more than 30 million liters of fuel per year. The energy converted by this method will be more than 2 times more than the original direct burning of plastic.

Although the fuel produced can be used in other areas, Bin2Barrel is concerned about the marine market. Roon van Maanen, head of the recycling and renewable energy industry in Amsterdam, said that the heavy use of plastics and the lack of proper handling of plastics have caused worldwide serious pollution. Bin2Barrel introduces innovative and much-needed technology that allows us to keep up with current trends in recycling technology in a very meaningful way.